About Dante - Dante Dugan

An Oakland CA based photographer. Focusing in human interaction and connectivity.

One-A-Day is the focus of my photography, a series of photos and interviews working on the premises that understanding and getting to know other peoples, cultures, and ways of life is the first and only way to better understand ourselves and our communities. As a global people - there are so many beautiful ways of life - we all can learn from each other.

Other collections focus on - life on the road - and the travels related to working and partnering with cemeteries in Northern California.

Please enjoy and take  my experiences with you.


My Current Set Up

My current set up is geared towards travel and being on the move.Lightweight, Durable, Quick and Reliable gear was a must for me. 

My Sony mirrorless Camera fit the bill perfectly, tightly compacted with a solid body construction. Coupled with a set of small lenses, and an aluminum folding tripod. All my lens, filters and cables fit tightly in a Cards Against Humanity box - now that is compact! (though I'm not so sure my gear isn't more likely to be stolen now... because common... who doesn't love Cards Against Humanity!)

My Current Set Up:

-Sony A6300 Mirrorless Camera

-Sony 35mm F1.8 lens (great for portraits and low light)

-Sony 20mm F2.8 lens (super for street photography)

-Peak Design - Capture Pro (camera holder for city trekking and hiking) 

-Aluminum Davis and Stanford Compact Tripod

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